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Atorvastatin is used to treat high cholesterol. Atorvastatin is also used to lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, or other heart complications in people with coronary heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Atorvastatin is a cholesterol-lowering medication that blocks the production of cholesterol (a type of fat) in the body. Atorvastatin reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and total cholesterol in the blood. Lowering your cholesterol can help prevent heart disease and hardening of the arteries, conditions that can lead to heart attack, stroke, and vascular disease.

Best price for atorvastatin 40 mg /d Citalopram (Celexa) 20 mg/d Deprenyl 10 mg/d Phenelzine 25 to 50 mg/d in divided doses for 2 months. May increase to 200 350 Atorvastatin 1a pharma 10 mg filmtabletten mg/d over 2 months then discontinued.[Ref] Nausea, vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, diarrhea, insomnia, paresthesia, blurred vision, decreased coordination, muscle pain (in legs or arms), dizziness, dry mouth, skin, decreased red blood cell count, platelet activity, leukopenia/plasma increased potassium levels, hyperkalemia, hypertension, and generic viagra canada online pharmacy tachycardia at doses up to 80 mg/d Common (1% to 10%): Anorexia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, insomnia, constipation, dry mouth, skin, fatigue, nausea, nausea/vomiting, vomiting Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Central nervous system depression Rare (less than 0.1%): Anorexia, dry skin, hyponatremia, hyperuricemia, hypotension, myasthenia gravis or secondary to serotonin syndrome, nausea, urinary tract infection[Ref] Cardiovascular Common (1% to 10%): Arterial hypertension, bradyarrhythmias (fast or slow) with prolonged interval increase in QT interval, decreased systolic blood pressure or diastolic pressure, hypotension, heartburn, orthostasis, peripheral edema Uncommon ( 0.1% to Atorvastatin calcium cost 1%): Dyspnoea, extrasystoles (especially when caused by concomitant use of phenelzine), myocardial ischemia, infarction, pruritus, tachycardia, tachycarditis, thromboplastin time, vascular depression, vasodilatation Rare (less than 0.1%): Angina or palpitations, flushing (especially when caused by concomitant use of phenelzine), coronary embolism, cardiac tamponade, heart failure, hypotension[Ref] Gastrointestinal Common (1% to 10%): Diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, skin, increased nausea, vomiting, constipation (including excessive defecation) Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Abdominal pain with swelling, distention, esophageal irritation, fever and chills, gastric lavage, upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, vomiting secondary to gastric ulcers, oropharyngeal bleeding, paresthesias, peristaltic chest wall motion disorder (PWMD) Rare (less than 0.1%): Pancreatitis Frequency not reported: Blood in stool (up to 30 mL/hour), gastric peristalsis (up to 2 cm/hour) Postmarketing reports: Bloating, breast pain, increased appetite, electrolyte disturbances[Ref] Psychiatric Very common (10% or more): Anxiety (up to 27%), restlessness/tremors 14%), depressed mood (up to 16%), nervousness 11%) Common (1% to 10%): Amnesia, affect, agitation, paranoid reaction Respiratory Common (1% to 10%): Palpitations (up 15%), chest pain to 12%) Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Bronchopneumonia[Ref] Endocrine Common (1% to 10%): Hyperprolactinemia (without evidence of an abnormally elevated serum prolactin level) Rare (less than 0.1%): Hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction, hypolactasia Postmarketing reports: Hyperprolactinemia buy atorvastatin uk with amenorrhea, amenorrheic syndrome Psychiatric Very how much does atorvastatin cost in the uk common (10% or more): Anxiety (up to 20%), abnormal dreams 23%), confusion (up to 20%)


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